Summer Bonefish & Permit

The flats fishing in Islamorada has been really good this month and I think it is going to get better.  I am really watching the tides and planning my fishing spots completely around the flood tide as well as low tide to give my customers the best shots at fish.  This means I am running from spot to spot to get there at just the right time to find bonefish tailing or permit entering the flats in search of crab and shrimp.

Here is a nice bonefish we got on fly as she had a face in the mud looking for shrimp.  With a perfect cast, we got lucky on this beautiful Islamorada bonefish.

The permit have been cooperating and being where they should be in the passes and channels.  I always have a pitch rod with a crab on it ready to go as well as a crab pattern fly for those that want to catch one on fly.

Here is a nice one we got:

As for the tarpon, they have been on the bridges pretty good. The mullet run should get going here in September and bring a lot of tarpon to the area.  If you want to get on some great tarpon action, give me a call to discuss the best days.

As we make our transition into the fall, we will be switching up things a bit.

That’s it for now.

Tight Lines

Captain Kris