I was born in Hollywood, Florida and grew up fishing the waters of South Florida and Florida Keys from brackish estuaries to the countless mangroves in Everglades National Park to the gin-clear flats of Islamorada. I was raised in a family that spent our free time either fishing or enjoying music and I have few childhood memories not somehow linked to one or the other.

Over the past twenty five years, if it swims in South Florida, I’ve caught it. Furthermore, I continue to study the habits and patterns of my favorite species and their environments thanks to my background in marine studies. I combine constant research will good old fashioned “gut instincts”, and get my clients “up close and personal” with some of the most sought after gamefish in the world. Still, I am continually fascinated by the beauty and complexity of these fish, and by the variety of shallow water habitats surrounding Islamorada that they call home.

While attending Eckerd College in St Petersburg, Fl on a music scholarship, I was introduced to west coast snook fishing.  Those tactics complimented the snook fishing skills that I had honed while growing up in Southeast Florida, and gave me a broad understanding not only of snook, but of the importance of drawing on a wide array of techniques and approaches while hunting shallow water gamefish.  I graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies, which provided context and meaning for what I had been witnessing in nature throughout my life. Everything fit together as I gained a deeper understanding of what exactly was happening at my favorite fishing spots, and why. This deeper understanding and desire to learn more continues to serve me well – and you’ll get to benefit from it.

As if I wasn’t busy enough at Eckerd, I earned my One Hundred Ton US Coast Guard Captain’s License while attending college. Shortly after graduation I finally took up permanent residence in Islamorada, where I played music and worked on boats until starting my own charter business. The Sportfishing Capital of the World has always provided me with the best variety of fishing opportunities to match my insatiable appetite for angling challenges.

Ever since, I’ve cemented my reputation as a knowledgeable and friendly charter captain and I take great joy in providing anglers with experiences similar to those that have shaped my own life, especially new anglers. There is nothing like witnessing someone’s first encounter with one of these magnificent creatures, and nothing more rewarding than creating unforgettable memories with anglers who are sure to become new friends.

Meet me at Islamorada’s famous landmark Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar  to jump on board my 16 foot Hell’s Bay as we pursue legendary species such as Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snook, Redfish and others. You’ll enjoy the experience of stalking these exciting species in ankle-deep, gin-clear water aboard one of the stealthiest light tackle platforms on the water.

It would be my pleasure to introduce you to this incredible fishery…and to keep you coming back for more shallow water action!

—  Captain Kris